Strawberry Cheese Cake unbake

Strawberry Cheese Cake unbake
By: novita ._. Sari
Basic material :
1 packet of Oreo (puree, set aside the cream)
60 grams of melted butter
How to make :
– Mix Oreo with butter, arrange and solidify in a baking pan until pressed, put in the freezer to set.
Cheese cake layer ingredients:
250 gr cream cheese
2 tbsp liquid milk
100 gr whipped cream powder
200 ml of ice water
100 gr white cooking chocolate (melted) + cream dr Oreo
How to make :
1. Beat cream cheese with liquid milk at low speed until smooth, not shaggy, set aside.
2. Beat whipped cream with ice water even stiff with a mixer.
3. Put cream cheese and WCC into the whipped cream mixture, beat at low speed so that it is mixed.
4. After Oreo is set, pour the cream cheese mixture, put in the freezer again.
Strawberry sauce ingredients:
2 packs of strawberries
200 ml of water
Sufficient sugar
How to make :
– Mash the strawberries and cook until the sugar dissolves.
– Wait a little cold, then pour it over the cream cheese.
– Put the freezer back in for up to 4 hours or set.
Strawbeery cheese cake is ready to be served 😄.

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