No oven fruit pie

Resep masakan jendela ibu

No oven fruit pie
By @cookingwithhel

Pie crust
200gr flour
100gr butter
1 egg seeds

Pie filling ingredients
Sweetened condensed milk 3 sachets @ 40gr
2 egg yolks
1/4 tsp vanilla (discip may be)
Maezena 2 tbsp
200 ml full cream milk

Fruits adjust each taste

How to make
– For pie crust, mix flour and butter with a fork until well blended (small grind2) then add 1 egg, stir by hand until it’s not sticky then print it into a pinch cake mold, stick with a fork so that the pie crust doesn’t bubble, cook on low heat until cooked, set aside

for the pie filling
– mix maezena with a little full cream milk, set aside
– Mix egg yolk, vanilla, full cream milk, and the maezena mixture, stir until blended
– Cook until thickened
– wait it’s not too hot then put it in a piping bag (hel use plastic kilos)
– Fill to the pie crust, garnish with fruit, serve
– You can store the refrigerator first, it’s better and more durable

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